Thursday, August 23, 2012

It counts because it's still Thursday!

It's late, but I made it! I actually almost updated quite a few times earlier today but wanted to wait until I had completed ALL of my daily goals. Normally I don't wait until 10:00 to do my evening yoga, but today choir rehearsal demanded that I do so.

This morning my run was consistent again! My pace was slightly faster than Tuesday (12:50/mile) which makes me super pumped. I am getting back to normal! Well, as normal as I ever am.

I had an incredible day that was productive, filled with Jesus, and filled with so many wonderful people I have not been able to see in quite some time. I'm so, so grateful but also exhausted. Bedtime is here and I am thrilled.

36 days until the 10 miler!
141 days until the WDW Marathon!

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