Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 5

Today was my first official long run day. I ran 4 miles, and it was wonderful. I felt great the whole time, which is awesome. I used the same run 20 seconds, walk 40 seconds pattern that I used Thursday. It was ridiculously hot for the second half of my run, though, because I didn't wake up early enough. Lesson learned.

I've been doing yoga in the morning and at night every day, even on Sundays which are my off days. It has really made a difference in keeping my muscles from feeling tight and alleviating the frequent back pain that stress causes me.

I also realized that one of the Krogers near my house (the fancier of the two) sells Clif Shot Bloks. This was a fabulous discovery as this is my race refueling tool of choice and the Kroger is only like 5 minutes away. Bam.

I would have preferred to run in the cooler evening air, but I'm going to a wedding tonight. Probably for the best, though. My body needs to get used to running in the morning anyway.

21 days until the 5K
90 days until the Half Marathon
134 days until the Marathon

Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 4

Oh my gosh! My shoes came today (right on time... thanks, Zappos!) and I looooove them! They are a whole lot brighter than I realized - like hot pink bright. I kind of gasped a little when I opened the box, but I kind of love that they are shoes that refuse to be ignored.

Today was a Turbo Jam day. I just finished my workout like 10 minutes ago. I swear, I don't know how just a 20 minute Turbo Jam session can make me sweat more than a run... I'm even inside! Oh well. My heart certainly enjoys it.

I registered for a 5K today. More specifically, I registered for the 3rd Annual Clermont Cupcake Challenge. Yeah. I couldn't really pass up anything with that name. Plus, you get a long sleeved shirt and I love those exponentially more than short sleeved race t-shirts. Aaaand, I'm assuming it has a cupcake on it. AND you get a cupcake when you finish. BONUS. The registration fee was only $15 as well. It's kind of a long drive for me, but let's be real. I wasn't going to turn down this race.

I'm only 4 days into training, but my body feels great so far. Mild soreness, of course, but nothing that feels like my body is wanting me to stop. I actually love when my legs have a low level of soreness to them. I feel accomplished. My knees feel great as well, which is encouraging. My left knee was angry after the marathon, but I think that it was because I was severely undertrained. As long as I continue taking training slowly, I think it's going to stay happy with me.

Time to go read more marathon/half marathon Disney World trip reports. Yeah, I said it.

22 days until the 5K
91 days until the Half Marathon
135 days until the Marathon

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 3

So today my workout was a 30 minute run (which will always actually mean run/walk). My ratio for today was run 20 seconds, walk 40 seconds. I started out with a 5 minute warm up (just walking) and then started my actual 30 minutes. I felt great almost the whole run. The last 5 minutes or so were not so fun due to the good ole Georgia humidity. I slowed down a little and my body seemed to thank me. My legs have that happy burn where I know I had a good workout. It has been entiiiirely too long since I've run.

The only part (aside from the humidity) that wasn't so good today was my shoes. I lost my trusty Nikes at camp (aka left them there), so I had to run in my old, clunky shoes that I hate. The insides of the heels are worn completely out so I'm getting a sweet blister on my right heel now. Good news! My new shoes come tomorrow. :) Yay for the quickness of Zappos.

Time for dinner, a long shower, and chocolate milk.

Days 1 & 2

This blog is going to serve as a log of my training for my second marathon at Walt Disney World. It's currently hidden to everyone except me, but who knows... maybe at the end of it all I'll make it unhidden and some very bored person can read 130-something days of entries.

I guess I'm technically training for the Atlanta Half Marathon right now, and then I'll be training for the Disney Full Marathon after that's over. Regardless, this will be much more training than I ended up doing for my first marathon (which turned out to be okay). I hadn't run a long run of over 6 or 7 miles going into the 2011 marathon, which was stupid. The only reason I was okay is because I HAULED walking because I wasn't allowed to run anyway, due to a mean case of bronchitis. I was too stubborn to go back on my goal of finishing, and managed to cross the finish line 8 minutes before the 7 hour time limit was up. My goal for 2012? To train hard and finish well.

I'm particularly hoping to get a decent time at the Atlanta Half, which is on Thanksgiving, to prove to myself that I can do well. Okay, I also want to email it into Disney to see if I can get placed in a better start corral to boost my ego.

I'm using a modified version of a Jeff Galloway program (This one to be exact) and doing Turbo Jam on my non-running days. I'm also modifying Turbo Jam to focus mainly on my arms and core, rather than my legs.

8/23 - I walked with my mom to kick off my training. I've been running, but not consistently. I work at a summer camp and it's really just way too physically demanding for me to run on top of the stress I already put my body through daily, so I started off with a brisk 30 minute walk instead of the 45 minute run. I felt great afterward. My body was practically cheering for me it was so happy.

8/24 - A Turbo Jam day. I haven't done Turbo Jam in months. I think the last time I did was in December. For some reason, I always think I'm going to hate it. As soon as it starts and Chalene starts telling me what an awesome time I'm going to have, I remember that I actually thoroughly enjoy all 20 minutes of this workout. There are longer workouts available (I even own some of them) but the 20 minute one makes me sweat and gets my heart going, and I don't want to push myself too hard.

Today/Tomorrow I'm up for a 45 minute run. I'll be starting off my run/walk ratio at 20 seconds of running for 40 seconds of walking. I should also get some sleep, because 2am is not a good bedtime!

Now that it's the 25th....
92 days until the Half Marathon
136 days until the Marathon