Thursday, September 20, 2012

Failure Number... One Million?

Blah! I cannot blog consistently to save my life. What is the deal? I'm not going to lie - I also am wondering if I'll ever be able to run consistently again. I am just losing majorly.

I'm assuming that if you've been in a running lull, you know how hard it can be to jump back in and get a routine going. Combine that with adjusting to a new job (with a relatively random schedule) and the inability to sleep like a normal person, and running seems like a darn near impossible task.

I'm updating right now to say this, though... I AM ABOUT TO GO RUNNING. Right now. Believe it. I'm putting on my shoes and heading out. Ready, set, go.



Was it the best run? No. Honestly, I felt totally out of shape and didn't love it. What did feel awesome, though, was actually getting out and running. The awesome fall weather we are finally starting to have wasn't too bad, either.

OH! Also. When I finished running, my Nike app told me the sweetest thing... my pace was faster than my average pace for my past 7 runs. That's what's up.

I forgot to do my countdown earlier, but I need to add in the Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving because I finally registered for it.

8 days until the 10 miler! (just 8???? shoot!!)
62 days until the Atlanta Half!
114 days until the WDW Marathon!

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