Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Countdown to Exhaustion

It's bad enough to speak exhaustion over myself for this race... I'm not going for the full reference in my title and counting down to extinction. That might actually happen. I am in no way fully trained for this race, but I am prepared enough to complete it without keeling over.

My sister and I leave on FRIDAY. Disney is kind enough to remind me of this every time that I absentmindedly visit their website.

Everything is basically in order. The waivers are printed, as well as hotel and dining confirmation emails. I've already done online check-in for us. All that is really left to do is pack and have my car serviced. I've even signed my mom up for runner tracking for both of us.

We're leaving Friday afternoon after my sister gets off of work. That will put us at Disney at approximately midnight. This hotel reservation seems somewhat ridiculous because of the way we planned our trip. We're staying at All-Star Sports (obviously - picture) for only one night. We'll be checking in at midnight and checking out the next day. We're driving home after the Villains Bash (technically Sunday morning) in order to be home for church. We're going to just load everything in the car before we check out on Saturday, race, party as long as we can stand it, and head for home. I realize the insanity of this plan, but we think we're going to have no problem accomplishing this.

Figuring that it will be best to have a large breakfast and then increasingly smaller meals from there, we have an 11:00 breakfast reservation at a location that will remain undisclosed for now. The location is a surprise for my sister, and while she doesn't read this that I know of, I'm not taking any chances. I also realize that 11:00 is pushing what is acceptable to be called "breakfast" but we will have a late night the night before, and the race itself isn't until 10:00, so we have plenty of time to space out our meals.

I am so incredibly pumped. Two more nights of work. Two more sleeps.

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